With these Sandbag conditioning workouts you are going to get fitter than you ever thought possible

Who I am and what this is all about?


My name is Matt D'Aquino, I am a 2008 Beijing Judo Olympian and Purple belt in BJJ. I began training with sandbags when my son Rocky was born about a year ago. When you have children your time is more precious than ever before and after he was born I didn't have the time to complete a sixty minute strength training routine at the gym, not to mention cardio sessions as well.

So I ended up training at home in my garage, but after a while I got sick and tired of doing squats, pushups, sprawls and burpees. I quickly went down to the hardware store, grabbed myself 20kg of sand and made myself a sandbag....and I am glad I did. Now I just head out to the garage for 20-30 minutes and throw my 26kg sandbag around using workouts that are designed specifically for the grappling arts.

Since starting sandbag training my fitness has skyrocketed and my grappling game has improved immensely. Now I am giving you the workouts I did to get me into the tremendous shape I'm in today.

With these workouts in your hands you will

Increase your Fitness

Develop Raw Strength

Get a grip of iron

Get a rock solid core



Become a beast on the mat!


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Here is a sneak peek into the program

These workouts are designed specifically FOR GRAPPLERS

sandbagsIf you have done BJJ, Wrestling, Sambo or Judo for more than five minutes you would have noticed that being physically stronger than your opponent is a massive advantage. You have also probably noticed that many top level grapplers have pretty impressive physiques, yet can move around the mat really well.

This is due to the fact that they train hard and follow a conditioning program that is specific to grappling. Being able to power into and out of takedowns and being able to dominate scrambles and top control can really upset your opponent and give you the upper hand during a roll. Combine your strength with good technique and you will become a seriously tough opponent.

There is no point being as strong as a professional bodybuilder in the gym and as weak as a kitten on the mat. It is more important to be strong when it counts: such as when you are in the clinch, fighting, pulling your opponent off-balance or switching from position to position on the ground.

The workouts in this package are written specifically for the grappling arts and include movements needed for each sport including, squats, presses, sprawls as well as scramble type movements like the Turkish get up. Each of these workouts will directly benefit your grappling in a matter of weeks.

Here are 5 reasons why grapplers should use sandbags:

Reason #1: Improved forearm and grip strength

We have all grappled that guy at training who has an insane amount of finger and forearm strength. These guys are such a hassle to fight. As soon as they get a hold of your gi, you feel the strength in their arms, and if you can’t break their grip then you are going to have a hard time. Forearm strength helps you hold gi chokes for longer, be able to grip fight for longer and be able to break other peoples grips with ease. Sandbag training will help you develop your finger and forearm strength so you will be that guy on the mat with the iron clad grip who can hold a gi chokes for days on end.

sandbags Reason #2: Full body workout
Most sandbag movements and exercises are full-body movements, or close to it. Whether you are performing a lunge, upright row or clean and press, you will always be using more than one muscle group meaning you will strengthen your entire body so you can perform better on the mat. This is also super important for us grapplers because we are always using our entire body to move around the mat. So full body movements are great.

Reason #3: Functional Strength
Barbells and dumbbells are a stable weight, meaning they don’t move around much. It is a lot easier to carry a 20kg dumbbell then it is to carry a 20kg sandbag. This is because the sandbag is constantly shifting and moving its weight around – just like our training partners. When we are trying to escape side control or when we are lifting our opponents in the air with a double leg, our opponents aren’t dead weight. Instead they are shifting and moving, trying to escape and squirm out of our control, just like the sandbag. These workouts will help you become familiar with a shifting, moving weight which will help you deal with a shifting, moving opponent during training.

Reason #4: Your fitness will sky rocket
When you do sandbags slams, overhead press or clock lunges for a minute or so, I guarantee that your heart rate will go through the roof. The higher you can get your heart rate (and keep it there) the fitter you will become! When you are fit you can not only fight better for longer, but you also make better decisions when you are under pressure, because you can think more clearly.

Reason #5: Sandbags increase core strength
Most people strengthen their core by doing boring abdominal movements such as sit-ups, crunches or the dreaded plank. Although these exercises do strengthen your abdominals somewhat, it is vital that as a fighter, you pay particular attention to your core muscles. When you are throwing a punch, or tossing your opponent with a hip throw you are rotating your torso, therefore it is crucial that you include core strengthening movements in your strength program. Exercises such as sandbag rotations or lunges and the overhead press are one of the best ways to improve your core strength.

Here's what you'll get:

Start up manual

This introduction manual will help you understand why sandbag training is crucial to success on the mat as well as outline how and why this program works!

How to build a bag

Don’t have a sandbag? No problem! Matt will show you how he built a 26kg sandbag for less than $20!

Beginner program

The 3 week beginner module is designed to help you get a basic understanding of how the sandbag moves and to prepare you for the intermediate and advanced workouts.

Intermediate program

The intermediate sandbag program is a 4 week program designed to build on the skills and concepts of the beginner module. These movements are tougher than the previous movements, resulting in you getting fitter and stronger.

Advanced program

The advanced sandbag program will push you to the absolute limit. This module contains harder movements and more intense workouts to guarantee you will be fitter than you ever thought possible. Your lungs will burn, your heart will feel like it is busting out of your chest – but you are going to feel the results. I guarantee it!

Exercise demonstrations

This package contains over 35 minutes of instructional video. Matt shows you how to do each and every movement safely and correctly to ensure you get the most out of your workouts.

BONUS #1 Battlerope workouts

In this PDF and video download you will discover a number of intense battlerope workouts to push you to the limit. These circuits are fun and will leave your shoulders and forearms burning!

BONUS #2 Accelerated Recovery routines

In the bonus DVD download you will receive over 50 minutes of stretching and mobility routines to help you recover and get more out of your training. This is a must have for the ‘older’ grappler.

These workouts are a must for competitive grapplers

sandbagsIf you are looking at participating regularly in competitive grappling tournaments or want to roll at a high level of intensity during training then it is vital that you have a high level of fitness, speed, power and stability that sandbags can provide.

There is no point being as strong as a professional bodybuilder in the gym and as weak as a kitten on the mat. It is more important to be strong when it counts: such as when you are in the clinch, fighting, pulling your opponent off-balance or switching from position to position on the ground.

I have been writing strength programs for over 10 years. Couple that with my 11 years of international Judo competition and it is safe to say that I know how to write effective strength programs for grapplers. The programs contained in this program are uniquely designed so that you will develop strength, speed and explosive power that can be directly translated onto the mat.

Being stronger than your opponent is a massive advantage and the only way to get 'grappler strong' is to complete a program written for grapplers.

Being stronger than your opponent is a massive advantage and the only way to get 'grappler strong' is to complete a program written for grapplers.

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